A Day at the Coffee Shop

Completing this exercise was a lot of fun. It gave us more experience in getting a variety of shots. The exercise was to set a scene and to give your audience a sense of time and place using only natural sound. we were able to capture emotions, sounds, and extreme visuals that depict the everyday bustle of a coffee shop.


Metro rails make new holiday schedule

Metro rails prepare for the upcoming holidays

Check out what a Metro rail employee has to say about the upcoming schedule changes.

It’s that time again! The holiday season is upon us and the Metro rail system is changing things around a bit. There will be a new schedule effective December 26 and December 31, for Metro commuters.

“We’re gonna have limited service. We will stay open until midnight on Christmas and we will stay open to 3 o’clock the next day.” said Metro employee William Redman.

The Metro rail system is expecting a commuter increase during the holidays. With all the tourist and last minute shoppers, customers may want to avoid the Metro Center and Smithsonian stops. These stops are the main attraction for most tourists.

In addition to the limited schedule for the holiday season, the Metro rail system is remodeling its tracks. The track maintenance is scheduled for the next six months however the locations will alternate every three weeks.

Commuters are able to find additional information on the limited schedule and track maintenance locations at www.wmata.com

Occupiers demands Jobs

Jobs are one of the key issues that the occupy protesters are bringing awareness to. The protesters in the D.C. area marched to the Chamber of Commerce to insure that their voices are heard. Chanting, “Where are the jobs?” the occupy protesters packed H Street and stood their ground for about two hours. The march then continued to K Street, growing larger with every step. Check out this audio slideshow from the protest.


Occupy movement in D.C. to stay?

Occupy protesters prepare to stand their ground in the D.C. area

Check out the audio story on Occupy D.C.

By Simone Andrews

The occupy movement made its presence known in the Washington D.C. area about a month ago. Since then, protesters have filled the streets, shouted for a cause, and made themselves a new home at Freedom Plaza.

Protesters  direct their anger at social and economic injustice and corporate greed. “We have the general objective is to reduce corporate control of American life” said Key Meyers, a United States military veteran.

The occupiers movement has grown to embrace a number of causes, including job growth, access to health care, and an end to the war in Iraq. The movement has now spread to dozens of cities across the United States. The Occupy D.C. protesters received a four-month permit, granting permission to “occupy” Freedom Plaza in downtown D.C., about a month ago.

However, Protesters say that they are here to stay until something in done.

“We’re going to stay here as long as we can keep getting people to come in to town and replace those who have to  leave.” said Meyers. “Generally when we plan our actions we ask if anyone is willing to risk arrest.”

He says he believes in peaceful protesting and demonstrations but wants to be prepared for anything.

The movement is already in 60 cities and is expected to expand in the next few months.

The 53rd Washington International Horse Show

Listen to the audio clip above, to hear more on this story.

Competitors shined their boots to put their best “horse” forward in the Washington International Horse Show.

 $400,000 in prize money brought together riders and spectators from all over the world to the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C.

The week-long competition showcased the worlds’ top horses and riders.

The riders were not only professional but some of the riders were children. Some children riders competed in the pony exhibition for the top prize of a 1st place trophy.

Some of the top riders included

  • Nick Skelton  100,000 President’s Cup Grand Prix
  • Ryan Goodman 10,000 Children’s Jumper Championship
  • Sarah Tredennick  $31,000 International Open Jumper Jump-off class
  •  Todd Minikus $20,000 International Open Jumper Gambler’s Choice Costume class

Specialty vendors displayed riding gear for horse lovers and riders, from saddles to custom made boots, they had it

The horse show showcased more than 400 horses and riders competing for prizes up to $400,000.

Riders who didn’t compete as well as they wanted will have an opportunity to compete again next year.

The horse show is expected to return next year in late October.